We are planning to have puppies in spring of 2020


Anloch Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and are sold under a non-breeding agreement. All our puppies are veterinarian checked and vaccinated.

It is important to me to produce healthy, well-balanced puppies.  My puppies are home raised in a smoke-free environment and receive exceptional care. I insist that no puppy will leave for their new home until they are at least 8 weeks old. They are well socialized and  I provide a 2-year health guarantee for congenital life-threatening defects.  If you are interested in an Anloch Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and feel that a Wheaten might be the right breed for you, feel free to contact us for more information.

The controversy of tail docking

Today, the practice is more a tradition than a health consideration. In fact, dog registries in Europe and some Canadian provinces forbid tail docking. Historically Wheaten Terrier tails were docked for several reasons including aesthetics.  For many years a docked tail was part of the breed standard of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and was required to be it docked in order to enter conformation shows.

I have chosen not to dock my puppies tails for the following reasons:

It is not required by the breed standard

I do not want to cause any trauma to the puppy or mom

A Wheaten with a naturally long tail is just as happy as the docked one

It is an archaic and unnecessary practice

  Monika Brauer at Anloch SCWT      Tel: 519 371-2115    

"Happy Wheaten Owners"

“We adopted Desiree a few years ago from Monika at Anloch’s Wheaten Terriers.

She was 6 years old at the time. Desiree fit right into our family. She is great with our children and is a joy to have. She has a special ability to watch over our children. Desiree makes regular visits to our school and to some retirement homes where she brings joy and laughter to young and old.

We highly recommend Monika’s wheatens because of their wonderful temperament and happy go lucky personality.”

The Lingard family

Owen Sound, ON

"Over the last 17 years, we have had the privilege to own several of Monika's wheaten terriers. (Kiwi, Charlotte and Pippin)

Every one of them has been wonderful. Their jovial personality and wonderful disposition make them great companions. They fantastic with our grandchildren and love everyone.

Monika takes great of all of her dogs and we highly recommend her wheatens".

The Dunbars

Owen Sound 

"I own two wheatens from Monika (Frankie and Sebastian) and have always appreciated their beautiful personalities. Both my dogs went to obedience school and learned to be great travel companions. My younger dog Sebastian accompanies me on my travels as a sales representative. He is certainly the best ice-breaker I could ever have. Monika's dogs are great ambassadors of their breed."

Jen Thompson, Red Deer, AB

Dear Monika,

Re: Ch Springmoor Larkit Prince Will
        Springmoor and Anloch Brooke

This note is probably a little late but I thought I’d let you know how pleased we are with our Luna, who we acquired in September of 2016.  Luna is a bumptious, delightful and very grounded, smart girl.  She allows me to brush her teeth...with an electric toothbrush, no less!  And submits to toenail trimming, although the body language is that of a child getting a needle (look away and think of the treat)!  I think that speaks volumes.  Her life started out as a very busy puppy, we wondered what we’d gotten ourselves into, having not had a little puppy for 20 years.  After gnawed furniture and destroyed Birkenstock’s, to name but a few and 3 obedience classes, she blossomed into a lovely little fur child.
This will come as no surprise to you that Luna has none of the awful skin afflictions like sebaceous cysts that plague so many Wheatens.  Her health is good and she’s still into everything, true to terrier form.  I understand that the protein wasting disease that is so prevalent amongst her tribe (we lost one to this disease) has been screened for, which is why we decided to invest in one of your dogs.
Yours truly,
Yvonne Michalski